Nearby, villages and towns


Just 5km from Verteuil is the equally beautiful village of Nanteuil-en-Vallee, again one of France’s recognised pretty villages. Steeped in history it’s peaceful historic streets are a great place to soak up some french culture, with its unique water system and ancient Abbaye it is well worth a vist, just 10 minutes by car, a 30 minute cycle ride or a 1.5hr off road walk from the gates of Le Palais Nanteuil is perfectly situated for our guests to explore and enjoy. Click here for more info on what the village has to offer and more importantly one of the most amazing restaurants!



Ruffec is a fantastic little town just 7 minutes, from Le Palais by car. You should find all the services that you may require, including a brand new Le Clerc, Intermarche, Lidl, Aldi along side  numerous, bakeries, garages, fuel stations, banks, and DIY stores.



One of those typical French cities, industrial on the outside but beautiful on the inside. Most roads lead around Angouleme. However, if you take one leading to the centre, and explore the hill top fortified old town you are in for a treat. Just a 25 minutes drive from Le Palais, Angouleme old town boasts a complete eclectic mix of venues. Fantastic choice of restaurants and cafes, an amazing market on a Saturday where stalls have developed little bars and seating areas where you can enjoy their wares sitting at a stool watching the world go by. Angouleme has cuisine for everyone and also by reputation the best chocolate shop outside of Paris! We agree!

Le Mans may be famous for its 24 hour car race but to the perhaps more discerning car enthusiast, the lesser known Angouleme ‘Circuit des Ramparts’ race draws crowds from all over the world. Always held on the third weekend in September. To qualify race cars must predate 1975. The race is held in the old town on the twisting cobbled streets, vintage Bugatti`s, Jags and Bentleys battle it out in a head to head race. In true French tradition the mornings practice is stopped for a proper 3 hour lunch and the racing starts apres midi as the Cognac flows!

Angouleme also boasts a fantastic golf course, Lake side sailing clubs, A world famous comic festival and a main line TGV station with links to Bordeaux in 30 minutes and Paris in 1.5 hours.



Situated around 30 miles down the Charente river from Le Palais is the town of Jarnac, not quite as famous as its big brother Cognac, however just as important in the cognac trade. Home to Courvoisier, Delamain and Thomas Hine & Co Cognac houses. The beautiful town straddles the river and offers a slightly more relaxed tourist experience, lovey restaurants and smaller cognac houses offer a great day out.



A lovely town with amazing architecture built on the wealth from the years of Cognac production, once again straddling the River Charente. The town offers a Cognac Experience that people travel the world to experience. With the main cognac houses such as Hennessy, Martell, Remy Martin, Courvoisier and Camus all having visitor centres, tasting houses and vineyard tours. Cognac is big business in this area and many of the Cognac houses are still in their original family ownership. Taking their trade very seriously, annual turnovers can exceed 100million a year each! Cognac has a huge array of bars and restaurants, a golf course and a lovely park and out door pool for the little ones.